Thursday, 10 November 2011

Granny Square Take Over

A friend sent me these pictures today- the worlds gone crochet crazy!
Henry Holland's Granny Square AW11 RTW range to blame?  
Time to dust off the crochet hook, it's not had an outing since my granny square cushion.

Henry Holland

Photo credit to the amazing Renea Eliza at Red Vintage Button for the first photo.  What an amazing bike!


  1. These photographs are so cool. I love the dress, but the bicycles are perfection!

  2. I am still new to crochet but I love it so much. great photos

  3. The only crochet I am capable of is granny squares. Any thing else gets too advanced for me!

  4. Please credit the top photograph to as it is my bike and my image ta muchly!